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. or will it be the bishops will be the grants would be taken and had to hold the election the nifty and yet we and caught up with the defenders could sleep that i did get a parking problem in that the assault continues to be in it which will oversee and tip the election commission who for the index ending with the whip and i believe that because he kept it that goldman and kept a good job and also in top form the extent that if we can conclude the talks. nineteen ninety six. when you use it to the petition had been accorded to those who lost the next thing i miss the group because they tend to be the last election. it seems that the captain of the beatings and walk them similarly in two thousand and one. when one of the dixon was conducted to gethe band that came before opposition puppy tweets. but these thou in all it today this state that the caretaker government was the future stability in the polls and eight when the next time was thin and that kept the government the present. the paci in the position that is the impede the last election this state that the tech to get the blog was also not fair. so wil
that election on the night reliance was damaged at many places and scores of includes what torched by the protest as dope on the announcement of ottoman ge elections in the country. the protests began after the election commission announced that the lisbon be held on january fifth minute a part of the book might be postponed to ensure participation of the opposition parties seventy one on her donation great strength and height as me being me and i had a nice business education and health facilities across the country but it doesn't keep the book is entitled to overtime and fifty injected into the gates so its activities by supporters of bnp. gemma activist groups and intrusive who looks like the guy cheated on. considering it. i need to. the temple. but inside hot sexy got to know he showed and headed out i'm sure there'd be notch would like these. so distance to the conviction commission offices in boulder damaging financial documents important piece of it toward a peace talks. opposition activists also damaging the charts but the nice treatment systems in diamond idea and women s
ahead of presidential elections due in a pinch when t for teen fattening security concerns as forty troops today to withdraw from the country by the end of next year. but cavity to until i get to see project the audubon still in god and show them. the booklet and equal in blogging the project and just one of the seven book has gone down serevi the devil do was get a few security to fish in it's awfully to keep people safe at the windshield. she said the incident was just one of many institutes among them yet. he did not. in the bottle meet that need to make sauce on the etsy shop another tea with uncle cody need to get caught up in total but this time cause he had called me and goes as you can still get so useful he goes all the sides but here goes love this does have some respect. now they hit it off us. well tell us what we did not own all into action moves from a partisan time that is one hundred the afternoon when he doesn't want to begin i could be integrated into the convent of st paul who has a body president the splitting up by actress judy tv stand with the united states th
and democracy in the nation at the forthcoming election. with respect and democratic institutions. this is the crusade since he bought it. the hope that the forthcoming elections with this on to the aspirations of the people in poverty. and that the baby feet stay in particular and peaceful. i find quite accepted in. the she's scheduled to go to polls lunch and eat its mystical a tough call but the opposition alliance. and the base has been tipped by a series of being the sponsors have done since they can tell that to question i've seen come and see christine end up going to step down and kind of attire the nonpartisan can't eat the government. yes main opposition but that the on field bjp is that children and for the state elections by the link on this basis set out to those cuts that article the mode of being confident in the semifinals of the two thousand and fourteen june election. it is those stupid fights did the same people that included women to be a threat to the game changes. not a strong motive for this trip is good news the tom and amy richmond on coles boss few weeks
the fact that the minister has called for snap elections to get reactions from bangkok french troops began to disarm fighters in the central african republic a country hit by an outburst of deadly sectarian violence and brought to break out during the football match in southern brazil. he's been raising concerns about safety for next year's world cup expert reading your post to thank anna molly home. first a sea of protesters on the streets of bangkok thailand's political saga continues this monday the country's embattled prime minister in what she wants has dissolved parliament and call for snap elections. but it's done little to calm the anger of demonstrators for weeks now people out on the streets calling for his resignation. she's accused of being under the influence of her brother. exiled former prime minister tax and housing tax is not wealth is in bangkok and he says protesters say that ministers concessions are too little too late. in terms of the protests to say they say this was not the final payment was on the road to victory for them than us the scene seems that coming through
for you on monday the second of december web based opposition to boycott elections extend strike if the sea. on the teapot teaching his nose up again and get the elections. yes must mention this critical huddle on the back to bed that night now for all the details the opposition parties and by the dhs said that the white cottage and the fifth elections the opposition alliance has also extended the shutdown which began on the weekend can that be. this has been in the group of violent events in the bnp and its allies began to shut down the sock today. what begun at the pinnacle of strike has not been extended one that the one color. opposition leader said on monday the bus and sustained bones of opposition activists set fire to vehicles in the nineteenth district the protest of the targeted the country's beautiful and it cost me. when financial markets on top of the city protest of this month and david lyons was dented in the team. the removal of toxic smoke free of traffic calming up to one hundred miles home. among the students told the reading from cover to the port city of taco
attacks on state workers ahead of presidential elections due in a pinch when t for teen fattening security concerns as forty troops today to withdraw from the country by the end of next year. but cavity into until i get to see project yvonne still get caught and show them. the booklet and a tool in blogging the project and just one of the seven book has gone down so high the devil do was get up to security to fish in it's awfully to keep people safe at the windshield. she said the incident was just one of many institutes in my home yet. the bottle meet that need to make sauce on the etsy shop. another tea with uncle cody need to get caught up in total but this time cos he had bought the cd and rosettes. he still gets the official action. he goes all the sights but he knows what this does have some respect. now they hit it off us. so colossal that one. not only of interest groups from all parties on this date until the afternoon when he doesn't want to speak and i could be integrated into the convent of st paul who. a blonde president. but it was getting a bye after its two new tv stand wit
dissolve parliament and promises elections but that is to say a massive demonstrations will continue. courier protest is to set up barricades to prevent access to government buildings in kiev. the intent to disrupt the running of the country as civil servants and politicians tried to begin their working week. on sunday some of the top of the statue then in a symbolic times to present the tna convictions his parents because it ties with moscow i could've done it in a civilized manner and put it nicely in a museum like a piece of history. what has happened is the fault of the communists they have not given us the tools to do said in a civilized way because the key to the cost. they were against it said today in our country the anyway today was lights out. we will make you look a ticket the present by the government's decision to shelve and eat eighteen in favor of talks is russian the protest is on sale so it is to confront each of them now for weeks. i know i have corresponded in kiev says but the man told us that the opening of the men in statutes a controversial news to many ukraini
temps a free man . then it was elected president of the anc in nineteen ninety one. he continued to negotiate the president of the butte occurred to seek an end to the country's racist goals. three men were wanted them to the price in nineteen ninety three. nope all. i didn't fight at all. when paul. it was. apartheid when he came to an end in nineteen ninety four when like some africans were down to play for the first time in the country's history the agency won the parliamentary elections and nelson mandela was elected president of south africa eyes before you. they would get involved. by the bottle all this time. you have shown such a crime patient to detonation. will be made this card. as a whole updated. from the rooftops free at last the june nineteen ninety nine off to just one presidential term councilman dan everett on from politics. he remained committed to promoting peace and justice. the counts against fifty thousand pre invasion of iraq. and what comes out of the team needs in two thousand and five he revealed to the that is eldest son had delayed if the disease. th
calls from old souls will find out that he was the cit elections in the country this spirit that is still with us the family of nelson mandela break that silence is showing that the statements of the anti apartheid icon also weighed on posting. an historic deal the days of talks wrapped up in body resulting in a new pack for the world trade organization. one which occurred at a trillion dollars to pay for the call it's a little something to very much to twenty knots the state two day summit attended by leaders of some forty african countries has all wrapped up it's not that evening and parts will topping the agenda the outbreak of deadly sectarian violence in central african republic. flinders bones requests for help from the country. the french president swaddled says that by the end of today's cross will have sixteen hundred troops on the ground that its former colony where presidents always has that some likely that the current government will be ale to see out its mandate which ends in twenty fifty he suggested that the elections be held the sickness and out to the frenc
will go on to the general election the election commission said that you think will be held the full fat free second announcement comes off to the thai prime minister it is sold the mill house of parliament. given that tend to calm the country's deepening political crisis this states when there are many people opposed to the government from many groups. the best way is to give back the power to the thai people and holiday he lacks in to the thai people with the side. but that government could pay for needed to behave with namaste and they can feed into the pool and on the net to hold his own country. more than a hundred thousand people continued to come the government has seen the distribution and the cooling of the connection with little to none. it is to be this that there could be encouraging he said no but the people's health and a two week it was because good people to face the tough and the eunuch has dismissed the idea is unconstitutional and undemocratic a higher than fifteen k but this post i will stick it on the hopefuls have thought that i'd seen in a two in two thousand and s
of these yet. spd members accept the deal chancellor under the miracle could be re elected to a third term in mid december he rejected the grand coalition will be over before it began. italy's senate voted on wednesday to expel former prime minister silvio berlusconi following his conviction for tax fraud the decision meansravis county loses his parliamentary immunity and could face arrest in connection with other legal proceedings against him. they include with an underage prostitute and abuse of office. the vote was preceded by a heated debate between supporters and opponents doomadgee imagine that this is a historic day for italy just for them to the rule of law has been strengthened because it's clear that everyone is equal under the law to enable him as a clown a cookie sheet to the knee so i know i'm an addict. but there was tony says he isn't giving up. it was the seventy seven year old told supporters he would seek a seat in the next election. however under the terms of its conviction he's barred from holding office for the next sixty years the day. like his prime ministers like t
this old business. all fluff and elected government the chosen government giving pollock to an unelected come home so that's ever happened anywhere in the one i can think of an instance where that has happened and he knows that some acts in this position what would be an acceptable compromise for walks is engaged. well we're waiting to say but don't quite right to be what she said is demanding is unconstitutional he wants the government to be sold in the king to step in and appoint a new prime minister now this is the ideal elected government that he once it disbanded and replaced with the people's council that would be a suspension of democracy but he wants this because the current government's i caught the baking in the polls they're just too popular with the common know but it is not the anti government protests is that you want to share the power that the middle classes that the elite that the educated section. but that being frozen out they killed when an election which is why they're staging these protests. now as you set out to daddy truce has been declared said that thailand can
government protesters earlier today. thousands turned out despite a ban on protests to demand early election. they want president victory on congress to step down after he rejected a trade pact with the european union in favor of improving ties with russia. sunday saw the biggest demonstration in kyiv in almost a decade. more than a hundred thousand people gathered for a peaceful rally and independence plan. in front of the president's office the protests escalated in the often did. a group of young people in moscow and didn't it. instead they turn tried to break through police lines. riot police responded that it gets and the students to drop them back the opposition denounced the violence saying it was an attempt by the government to prevent distinctive an agency this made him wait independence square just like mary kate and a ban on protests name. mainly in the john scott the violent discursive practices on saturday morning the government to be fair we want the authorities to be for the people insist on eating them. we want to make sure what happened saturday night when the skin that does
stability that pushed his business by two elections were held off about the situation in the news sent off in a exhibit different because it is genuinely a failed state with no real infrastructure what's be futile. so when the french to move and the question is what happens next day to be the operetta was stumped is a dangerous place and when that time comes for elections in seoul. i spend at ten over par seventy four. and talking about that difficult situations. the car bomb has gone all things yet mandating at least twenty dead suicide bomber reportedly set off his car packed with explosives at the defence ministry. another twenty were hurt in that blast that smashed through walls in a hospital inside the complex. officials say after the explosion went off without a fight broke out between soldiers and another car filled with gunmen the defence ministry has for these very few details so far but it does say most of the attackers were killed foreign diplomats are in kiev today for a meeting of the top security body and tera capital of ukraine has been gripped by massive protests against t
parliament and call an election effort in future administrations. legitimacy and one month after a super typhoon good or parts of the country people the philippines or find its way to break up. japanese prime minister shinzo ave is a couple of weeks away from marking his first year in office. i knew in hk poll suggests its popularity is the lowest it's been since he returned to the top job. our interviewers spoke to more than one thousand people by phone fifty percent said they support of his cabinet a drop of ten percentage points from last month thirty five percent said they don't. our poll asked for feedback on the new secrecy law of his liberal democratic party and its coalition partner approved last friday. the law gives the government more power to decide what people can and can't know fifty percent of respondents said they disapprove of the local thirty two percent said they approve of that fifty nine percent said the discussion over the bill by diet members was insufficient eight percent said lawmakers had a full roll discussion seventy four percent of respondents said they're wo
and call for snap elections. angry protesters see her resignation the stories and more debt welcome to primetime years it's what they the summertime here in korea life and soul i get to hang them from him thank you so much for joining us. we begin this evening with news out of north korea the communist state has confirmed the ousting of times contact the powerful uncle of north korean leader kim jong won the state run media accuse them of irregularities and corruption and evil release photos of him being rested for more on thomas dismissal we go blind for unification ministry correspondence and some tea at the idea that new center sonny fill us in with the latest guide to surprise the spine directory and back again now let's take a look at the photos making headlines. they're released by north korean state run korean central television this afternoon and they should to be manned by two military officers at sunday's assembly of the workers' party of the hero. this appears to be where the north korean government officially announced on fridays. earlier in the morning the north's state
iconic independent sweat according to early elections well i guess the brink several days of soft residents decided to spend his back on historic trade pact the european union and instead all the close ties with russia. they are on diets that john is an image of vietnam from houses trading station are in sight yes we can compare with the point of additions passion be it the week is safe is this movement is very symbolic because he started the same day as which of addition. the twenty two year old november but at the same time the courts the devastation in the nature of these movements are not to see. in two thousand for the people were protesting against the tree from its joint fifth position and actions to date the question is if ukraine is with the euro or not. this second thing which difference. i even said thank you to run military snow in the air. as of two thousand. we had to tinkle which is in jail now and we had the pick to head to hit the beach was a candidate to him. but the presidential elections dad peace movement is much more fun and we had to one hundred injured in t
elections were held on december first nineteen ninety one president are soft enough to buy it when the election is over ninety percent of both the voter turnout was almost ninety percent. in the first years of the young state he was important to joint efforts to soften the economic and social problems. during this challenging years as often as a buyer always spoke of the need to go to a strong and confident woman capable of adopting effect the loss of the country needed new political transformations as the economy grew. the two thousand and seven the president proposed in march the consumption can expand the authority of the fall of the constitutional reform was scared out of the initiative of the soul cannot survive the lead for the system was changed to parliament received extra leverage on the government and the political parties and non governmental sector started playing with her walls in defining the policies and finding the solution. in fact some of the presidential powers were given to the prom today we have a bye camaro parliament which present three political parties incl
. the opposition the stabilizing the digits into the elected leadership will write about what's going on doesn't live up to revelation but a well planned action. i think they will pay for the presidential elections in spring twenty fifteen will have to start early. we can see well pad in all the noise minutes and greets. the opposition is either not always in control of what's going on. or is this an express route to goal extremist actions with me next but i seldom occurs suspect a little early he says the opposition come very quickly from them on the eu trade deal to fight to overthrow the government it's quite clear now that will be what is being an auntie is the threat the government via the spread of the democratically elected the kids in the gulf and a decision the government made a decision about the things that they would not get to go ahead and to take the hint when you feed you. now that was the intelligent due to the people didn't and don't agree that that stupid. then the one to deal with at least a campaign even in an election. does any of the fourteen months ago and for adulthood
vote as early as tomorrow. if the measure passes it would clear the way for new elections. the number left hand and i have on the line of cars find one i cut it close and independence crap like it's been in need of repairs as night is not one and at what is really the situation oh and i put one hundred people as well the government but that can occur when a kid like that he looks at them that they keep on coming out of whack actually it's two am what i particularly care for me to have faith. actually quite that you are cheerful we've got nowhere to be seen they would call it at my gun. for now at least look at it that i like to think it's a situation student wellness what do you see in london in the coming days. like the fact that other people at the end of the weekend the trip that i'm bigger than them. that could become more radical and actually it's because the political convention that he be spent the report that the private company to get. they kept driving. elliott get a copy i actually planned it that will happen in a ukrainian that the cake they want. they want change the whol
is as calling for prime minister yang election a lot to step down in our streets and to the grounds of government house and other fortified compounds pace as he gets it and posted bond is bound to fight to the charity said and how small. protesters seeking hands including police hancock has changed. on tuesday after days of violent groups as policemen demonstrators bring down barricades the protected government offices. this new strategy tuesdays and the king's birthday celebrations. still opposition activists were to topple the cabinet. the state is controlled by former ousted prime minister. and since no one. i know it's not over. this is the start of the new politics. we need to refund all politics and other agencies such as the police it might be that we need to change all of them so the country will benefit from the revolution of the people while anti tax and protesters plan the next phase of the return to topple the elected government parents and sister the current prime minister called for dialogue. all i would like to avoid academics businessmen and groups from all walks of
is the best company in delhi but to the posts on penn state the hotly contested election so pissed wanted but the clock ten down to four with sixty five cents but the full senate. a total of eight hundred and ten times its peak as transmitting jenny and to exercise their franchise in the seventy minute and the sunday amid high voltage on the road to visit troops in one go to bed but he didn't know. yes that little fire had been inside the team into the contest but the entire kitchen at the party on ttp seems to be crying fit and tea for the first time. iam not the type the laptop which is catching up with an anti craft movement. it stands to win support in the polls when ttp has its candidates and sixty six constituencies on this and become a contestant on said tuesday after the admin fee due on the brain behind the hugely popular anti corruption campaign in two thousand and seven. it's been tested against incumbent chief minister said that they should have been going around somewhere and the odd tantrum and i didn't even have most of us have to get the key. mr then burst into the communi
was officially born in nineteen forty eight years with the election victory of the african international patchy. the divided south african society into four races white black college and asian. segregation is applied in all walks of life. places such as beaches cinemas and hotels were largely reserved for whites. max went on to lead to bowls or own property and plays areas. many black people were reset them contain reservations known to spend just as the government granted independence to four of them. it can use this independence is stripping many black south africans of their citizenship. however south africa's until stream and commercial needs require workforce which resulted in many families being separated meanwhile workers finding to that end chips. once insisted in terrible conditions. it was at a terrible system of family life. he seemed to get there and what happened to the back. what is in the mind to all taken and living in hostels on the site the mind well the comedies where hundreds of miles away back into routine girl was eating it. the government used a vast security apparatus t
this quack they still see him and see tiffany democratically elected beat down. the new constitution will replace the one signed in by islamists must seek his will also pave the way for new presidential and parliamentary elections sometimes as of sunday strained dram and to new york which killed at least four people and injured sixteen sweet baby is going much too soft. accident investigators are still searching for clues as to why the kiwi to trade to the talks in the bronx district. one thing they care about the day happened on a crowded monday morning protest toll would be far higher. it seemed like that he was going pretty fast. it felt like that the card she did it to the last little bit and then sewing it down on the right hand side. as we were going over i looked at ninety nine screens at nineteen friends we met there were going over. i just i couldn't believe it i was in shock. until the train's black box into the plane's flight to kota can be analyzed to investigate is of focusing on the track conditions mechanical equipment in the performance of the trains crew for their ow
stability to the country to the district will restore stability and once again lead the way to elections are held and tell us a little about some of the of the issues that the leaders they are going to be discussing summary of the topics well security has really been central to the summit and that the focus is very much been on this rapid response force that can be put together by the african union to sustain in the pipeline for about five years but coming along very slowly. ideally this would be a force of about thirty two thousand five hundred troops under the auspices of the african union and instead of countries like france having to step in in these situations they can deploy that false very quickly. but that has been a lot of progress a lot of talk in the parking deck can be up and running now but two thousand and fifteen on top of that they've been discussing piracy in counterterrorism. but today the focus is very much home try. and there are a delegation of about five hundred french business people here is a perception that europe is full and very much behind in the present china
devised a news conference from a state election what made it to add that she would not sta down as she appealed for an end to violence we want to have the findings are he said the appeal. and that i'm in the u n by and then the coffee the greenback be acted upon. read what is happening at the thought that i'd not thought to look into that now. the landscape studies find that in past wars the canon of opportunity but it's had thousands of protesters trying to seize government buildings mixed thai capital and protest lead acid ted talks of an impact says he won't seem not to step down and on the inactive people's console to see the new prominence to the health ministry says three people died in christ is on saturday nights and seventy one lead intact. another fifty six others were hats on monday. well the situation the inbound call connect and talk to don't respond tended to seek out some straight over that this is the hello that an eu test of fitness and technique last season with the situation of that yes that's right we just got back from one of the state's highest point in bangkok be
thrilling presidential elections. it was unclear whether the opposition will get the required two hundred and twenty six most in the four hundred and fifty seat parliament. the opposition controls about one hundred and fifty cc and independents hold thirty five the governing party of regions has been losing support of its own members protests have been held daily in kyiv since president baked again until that backed away from an agreement that would have established fleet race and deep and political cooperation between ukraine and the eu. hundreds of protesters continue to rally in ukraine despite the freezing temperatures demonstrations have been held daily since ukrainian president viktor yanukovich this decision could get a deal to close its highest with the european union allow the president is defending his decision not to sign this deal the channel has a smile most discontinued in central kiev independence square on monday nights dinner includes the woodstock police force if they try to freak us out here in independence square peaceful protesters and we don't want any complex the st
to continue their campaign. we don't want to dissolve parliament until the new elections to lose any weight. we want to see what we can leave the country it's unclear where she is looking for here. the prime minister has said she's willing to do anything it takes to end the process. i use the term success. he opens the system was turned over power to late to cancel of course by this novel has more now from the protest site. sure it would take it out below foil so it should charlotte loved the color and i'll take that picture you will be in a row the show the cocky they go up to honor apostolic included. yet the will to live but the idea that the picture you can go the common law the police wanted to get clear about the lucky one. you had to travel. the treaty it to him that made it to cook a couch this lying around that movie can be. each option will be taken to the gal that picky eating. okok leather the potentially to shoot at the bottom of a leadership spill in the lineup to shoot a couple of open area outside the bank to make do. will they go about thinking that we reached right out the
that we announce whether he is ready for the election. there are rumors that meet at the city's mayor polio evening runs from the air because joe has his sights set on the twenty sixteen presidential elections palin railway feminist reasons eastern mind too will try and trunk line electrification project. what the originally scheduled to be completed by the end of this year. however as the word gone on those proceeded to slower than expected. as to which will be competition has been delayed until mid twenty fourteen and this means that i don't need of someone not to have the opportunity to write the new preview much rings when heading home for the upcoming lunar new year holiday. each ear tag and is seeking to return home for the lunar new year holiday encountered difficulty from purchasing the tickets for the past six years that i don't any conference also chartered taiwan railways ministry to think that the difficulties and feet on the sell out quickly as well there for many canadians were looking forward to the completion of hearing aids eastern mind to it i can talk like electrifi
and prosperity and elected representatives of the ukrainian people made their choice deciding against giving the government in no confidence slapped down for the defeated opposition it was back to the streets if the democratic process will force the government out that the protesters today everywhere. like eating official buildings are likely keep the protest. one in the west calls of encouragement. the supporters of euro integration must remain for and seize the momentum of the protest this is the only way to continue to cook to make concessions. while labour in particular seems to be paying especially close attention to events in ukraine the european union needs you and you need the european union. and if you need it you will be with your husband has always regarded ukraine has since backed down to it as i would say neo imperialist designs on ukraine with some polish may be hoping for is a repeat of the events of two thousand for the country stood still for a month in support of the western backed the condition fact that things have changed over the years. the orange revolution works becau
institutions comments and eighty election is held is really getting to reports the nature of the price has been shifting hillary to ukraine. hillary to the theory is the official slogan of the hardline nationalist movement known as the ukrainian insurgent army and it can't hurt among the crowds and tube these days. here's just a couple of the protesting students mr next time people fall under the national assembly the party and the men inspired by the actions at the ui is wartime delicious we took a machine guns and fought the russians the germans and the built to quote wanted to take away our ukrainian land. this is that the kaczynski and other party activists. the radical nationalist movement. we need school. to maintain an organization not cause conte exist without evil. protest is one of those suspected of arranging the bulldozer action team over the weekend then it was then held her next sentence. this book is in western ukraine which has traditionally gravitated towards her rather than moscow we played for the european union until the end and even if they bring out tanks. we read unocal w
institutions and that's an early elections now. listening to much to report next. make sure the protests. he shifted the jewelry to ukraine hillary to the theories is the official slogan of the hardline nationalist movement known as the ukrainian insurgent army and it sounds heard among the crowds and tube these days. here's just a couple of these protesters to the dentist. mr next time people founder of the national assembly the party and the men inspired by the actions that the ui is wartime delicious we took a machine guns and fought the russians the germans and that you lose gold souk wanted to take away our ukrainian land. this is that the kaczynski and other party activist radical nationalists but scout movement. we need school. to maintain an organization not cause conte exist without wool. protest is one of those suspected of arranging the bulldozer action team over the weekend. both men represent the ultra nationalist sentiment is popped it in western ukraine which has traditionally gravitated towards europe rather than moscow. make it look like the european union until the end. eve
of the globe elections and mandela was elected south africa's first black president. but the true end to apartheid. i had a theory that the offer to suffer well dollars for profit. if i did. for many south africans and fellow will long be their memories and ninety that is traditional to me often used as a sign of affection. and for the world that he will remain in local icon for racially quality for centuries to come. ut on audience. and the entire world reacted to the news that nelson mandela is that global leaders were among the millions to send a condolence is recommended reports upon learning of them and those that really impressed and popped in and offer condolences privately calling him a great statesman well a global leaders were among the millions expensive or setback for the lay reader a moment stuns us was told by the u s security costs on friday only news of nelson mandela's passing. i'm profiling and seven. by the passing of this in mind then. this in mind that i was a triumph for trustees and the power for the german spanish. daniel rode the water one creepy introduced by
forces besides sending in troops to calm the fighting france has also called for new elections upon the sale price you got to the presidency powers that be didn't manage to change anything is if it were a fee that things get worked up over here we talk to african people who wanted to take action to obtain the with the prime minister who belongs to a coalition the teacher who puts you one of course but no longer exists on the ground. but the idea i might support that idea is to organize elections as it is possible to be authentic. let stand and buy a house call on isn't sitting well with everyone in the ca are journalists. hackett's and bounty. he has more reactions the french president's declaration yesterday for this exclusive ery cmando hearingack his gain in t rest of central african republic is that everybody doesn't understand exactly why the french president. lol let's blame the actual transition at present admission to cook yet but coming from the exit to the cairo voting. thgh he blamed him for his that more or less was possibly keep up the last massacres that of turkey and
the japanese government bonds an immediate election now. that puppy off the set up a position called for nationwide general strike and they continue to surround them to update the governmental the pop and soul our ministry to buildings day in the center of tea after that bought the ukrainian security service to say that investigates an awful they are courting an attempt to seize power in the country and is also much on sunday thathe use of foreign policy representative catherine ashton is set to be sixty s later this week to try a doubt find a political solution to the crisis on the home and really has been voiced by support from european officials as my colleague every negative stuff about reports i love the image racing and staff on the streets. but for some reason teens independence square has captured the minds of politicians from him and he was seated there the opposition leaders. to speak for the crowds. and yet oew seem to hav made the pasta cured fm both sides from the country runners and their supporters there was a statistic retrieve states we stand with the people of ukrai
that the elections the parliament elections in two thousand and twelve felt some way short of its standards to being labeled free and fat. now we've seen other reasons for the international community to criticize day he trained with the police but instead there was in kiev this weekend's ukrainian foreign minister danny because our opening this pretence that we should rather see the ongoing protests in kiev as an exalted just how tolerant the ukraine days of defense and no soul that many had delegates here are really buying that some countries had that night to be reduced to the diplomatic level of the representation can not say that foreign ministers notable exceptions to this pledge of a nice week in an apartment that this foreign minister by this but sikorsky in particular seems to be using his presence and given the opportunity to try and get some kind of mediation going. he's been holding meetings with but opposition leaders had with the ukrainian leadership in particular. prime minister qarase out. as it got to our top story now i'm not the un facing its renowned french treats to join an afric
in as president after the country's first multi racial elections the nineteen ninety nine he had been due to his trusted friend becky the band was still active until he finally said good byes to the ice in the eye in two thousand and four. i am if i have to form dvds. for the place. to know what this record. in the face numerous fights including the african states. in the life of one of this out. i know all those also who came late. he began hosting the twenty ten football world cup he said that dad built into the red you you you this. with that we do. i do. he said. his health was failing but he still welcome this to some tunes american fans lady michelle obama took in the open. former us president bill clinton but his ninety fourth birthday. in november twenty two of the national bank but nonetheless based on the new nets. by now it was recognized with respect to all of the well i have been the two. a whole. and then use the content of the people who are really nice. that too the acorn be auctioned to the community. i honor her. i find a stall is showing no signs of weakening in all your effor
and presidential elections next year. up. syrian government helicopter stumped off explosives on the rebel held town near the northern city of london one in two separate attacks on but the kind since the poms makes them intended targets resulting in the deaths of at least fifty people. a report from the purchase price syrian of the tree making them relates strikes months we sometime on sunday near a bite to eat in the town of al cop killing at least twenty four people syrian state media said government forces killed ten weeks which is our latest on combat boots like to thanks president assad sites room it's the kind i was asked a similar bombing. army helicopters talk to the ripple compound in our company sent on to expand its market leading twenty six people. umpire to tyson's the army used the soap bottle bombs containing hundreds of pounds of explosives. in a deal with. what was i. and as great a picture in the british capital for the past few years and every year in its construction it's two hours of back breaking work to make sure every piece is in its place without getting that next week
and great saves by the uk border agency. this election. it's after the rush to enjoy new venue with a friend or family saloon before the office parking lot i can rest in the know what's going on and on the one kind of style when asked if he was accosted us and they don't know what's happening. in or near the tipping cushioned by the scholars who may know i can buy them so the uk border agency in states that any immigration sexy carries out looking for a needle black kids were always intended since that's the difference is obvious the mystery say they need the procedure is one fine day during the raids in fact some of the intended result in any address more than that. but the frequency of heart is heavy handedness of the immigration officials see you on the side and the chain rule of the business has been shot down in protest against what they set with discrimination from the uk border agency since this is genuine frustration anger and the little note to self funder. the level of a discontent you like. it was effective. in the number of people who sought to exclude to close the distance to su
against elections are scheduled for next month. he was two years coming to you on the danube. initial take on the coming of the desperate situation for refugees from cbs as soon as the middle to low and protests in thailand as the country prepares to celebrate the king's birthday tuesday. the rule. do. for it the eye. as winter sets in the refugees from serious civil war are continuing to make their way into neighboring country. we are heading to a scandinavian countries like turkey and lebanon. these council or did he pull the strings and desperately content the governments of those countries has increased their calls for more international help and for europe to open its doors to those seeking refuge. the cover goss refugee camp in the kurdish part of iraq is home to almost ten thousand syrian refugees. overall more than two million people fleeing the conflict and syria have found refuge in iraq lebanon jordan turkey and egypt amnesty international says these countries the massive international support. in the dung on bicycle. we need eagerly been evident for example. taking an eight und
parliamentary elections for d with its two thousand fourteen the party demanded the formation of a non party cabinet for the elections cover the prime minister sheikh on cnn has formed a temporary cabinet which includes representatives of three different political parties the scientists of the medical university of austin are perceived to one million teeny grants. these funds will be used for research in the field of medicine and pharmacy. the support program was established by st a member of a fireman group in order to reveal the true potential of the scientists at the medical university of las them on a tip and called the detection of truffle cyanide in the by material was one of the best scientifihis method was not applied in the country according to the experts this technique will be used in forensics all that his topic is relevant for cars extent because couple simon has a drug. but recently joined the addicks are using in many cases of poisoning were revealed. there's no method to detect that the autopsy it's not just for fun the social care cost them a conference has been held in aust
but perhaps not in identical circumstances. not when there was actually an elected government in place that he was asked to do something at the river a center in two thousand and six when the political upheavals here at the time he refused to do that saying that the king to protest at it in any way that he wished and that would be an overstepping of his charity said it does seem that for the time being at least the price will continue to distance itself from these current political upheavals nomar to lead a protest leader this is the pumps obama has vowed to continue the protests after the king's birthday celebration. are people reacting to this and what of aituation like they are now on the street. well today is a national holiday in thailand and it's a day reserved for revealing the moment and celebrating his but then it would be seen as highly disrespectful here for anyone to make any major political statements on eye popper my brief comment from c except that the bible were to resume tomorrow. nobody really is making any comment today will call for any announcements that the timing of the
is supported with jousting programs to win elections. if the issue of the unresolved them on the kings were it not likely to last long we'll be watching the situation as it develops it impacts us in new moon. academics in japan say the paddle it advises the government on nuclear power should change his priorities. the atomic energy commission has spent over fifteen years promoting the use of nuclear energy the academics say its members should focus on tackling problems the industry has created the experts say the commission should address a limited number of key challenges facing those challenges should include disposal of radioactive waste and helping government leaders decide how to deal with the crippled nuclear plant and for pushing up the city commission should also make sure nuclear technology is only used for peaceful purposes such as power generation and research the experts plan to finalize their recommendations next week. thousands of workers go inside japan's damage nuclear plant every day but the rarely gets a glimpse of what they do. nhk world you it still cuts a while went ins
apatow court on just down the road we're on a handful of elected activists on comprehensive what you got canteen against a bunch of anti censorship websites also on in retaliation for the soul kind of step with that broke out after which the greeks began releasing all sorts of confidential information back in twenty ten so that does happen and then he'll break now. that's happening right now that i start earlier and earlier this month i believe around a week ago on our fellow was sentenced to two years' probation and ordered to pay hundred and eighty three thousand dollars fine and thirty three thousand dollars restitution to koch industries show that the corporation run by the insurance co for taking down one of their websites momentarily within the top fifty years ago. now the challenge when greenwald who is the journalist that was working with veterans and all those ns family and is reportedly working with the founder of e bay which is the parent company of paypal on a new media venture beyond so i went every couple of weeks. that's me i didn't encounter wrote his name is pierre own m
elected to stand there as their new leader. other special party conference in berlin seventy nine percent of delegates supported the head of the ftp in the state of north rhine westphalia. your places former leader philip russell had to step down after the party received only four point eight percent about in september's general election that was below the five percent threshold required for parliamentary representation. one of germany's most stitches prizes for seventeen games matt has gone to european council president had on rum fight. the ceremony in auckland a sixty six year old belgian was awarded the charlemagne prize for contributions european unity he was honored as a mediator and consensus builder from point a former belgian prime minister has been in the eu post since two thousand night these courts now and the latest bundesliga news third placed our men are currently hosting a second place labour prison. earlier in the day. table toppers i am uniquely down an impressive mark or the chasing pack. they stress better brain and seven a long way. thanks to an inspired strong commun
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